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Join the PEP Club for K-8 P.E. teachers offered by Great Activities newspaper. It costs $59.95 a year and includes access to a large database of great, teacher tested activities and field day ideas. It also includes the bimonthly newspaper "Great Activities", a free $15.95 Hip Hop Station CD (a new one each year), a $50 coupon to Sportime, and savings on books from I am a member and have found many valuable activity ideas addressing all of the topics covered in elementary P.E. as well as a wealth of integrated activity ideas for Language arts and Math. It's worth the price.

PE Central- The best P.E. site around for lessons, assessment ideas, links, P.E. products. Physical Education Lesson Plans-database of lesson plans. To use them you must share one lesson plan per year. PE Universe- a great new site featuring videos and blogs about activity ideas and all things related to P.E. They allow users to post videos and it is set up similar to myspace and facebook websites. FIELD DAY GAMES LIST FOR 5 Different Themed Field Days-Check out this link for great ideas
Canada pe teaching ideas PE Zone Physical Education Lesson Plan Page Elementary P.E. Wellness/Fitness Activities
Multiple Handicapped students activity ideas

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PELINKS4U NASPE - National Association for Sport & PE Canada phys ed online- lesson and curriculum ideas from our northern neighbors
North Carolina K-5 classroom energizers Pittschools- many categorized lesson plans Physical activity breaks and integration ideas Top 10 Physical Education Lesson Plan Sites

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The President's Challenge - You're it. Get fit! The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Mark Ricketts' P.E. website- Performance videos, curriculum information, and more. Check out this site.
Riverview Physical Education Good P.E. teacher's site

Elementary Physical Education    
site with links egreenpehome FitDay - Nutrition and health site


Rubric creation



SAMPLE 4th grade game creation webquest

SAMPLE 4th grade exercise project creation webquest

SAMPLE 3rd grade target game creation webquest

SAMPLE 3rd grade exercise project creation webquest

T.V. commercial break exercises

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Kindergarten PE overview sample

1st grade P.E. overview sample

2nd grade P.E. overview sample

Multiage (1st and 2nd grade combined) overview sample - same as 2nd grade

3rd grade P.E. overview sample

4th grade P.E. overview sample

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